iLost Product update: New languages

iLost: A true multilingual platform

iLost: A multilingual platform
February 23, 2021
Display of the new languages introduced on the iLost platform
Over 10 different languages!

Anything new is always very exciting for any and everyone. iLost is humble to reveal a thrilling new update. iLostには新しい言語があります. That is Japanese for –  iLost has a new language! 

Our product development team is working relentlessly, to come to the cries of our valued customers. In order to make the process of handling Lost & Found a fun, easy and value-adding process in any organization. In addition to English, Dutch, Français, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, Portuguese, and Catalan, we are proud to introduce two brand-new languages. Japanese and Turkish. 

More accessibility with new languages

At iLost, we aim to make handling Lost and Found far more than just another boring part of a business process. We strive to make lost and found management an unforgettable experience and above all a value-adding process. By offering the most customer-friendly and easy to use platform you can find, we strive to achieve just that. A good lost and found management solution goes beyond just offering automation options for organizations. But considers every aspect, accessibility included. 

As of January 2020, only ca 26% of internet users are native English speakers, what about the remaining 74%?.

iLost aims to build a platform that enables worldwide accessibility and by introducing more languages, we get a step closer to reaching this goal. Every new language that iLost supports, is a step towards freedom for you as an organization and for your employees. Freedom because your foreign languages speaking customers above all, will gain more and more autonomy. They will find it more convenient and easy to search for their lost items, by themselves, in their own language on iLost! 

Advantages of new languages

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by showing your customers that you genuinely care and resonate with them. Show them that they are more than just numbers on a dashboard that needs to be monitored or played with. iLost is constantly improving the platform to become a multilingual one with you as an organization and your customers at heart. With the additional languages, you can advise your Turkish and Japanese customers with confidence to visit iLost and search for their lost items by themselves. Autonomy in full force! Let the image below be my witness. 

our Lost & Found manager in Japanese!

Besides, our Lost & Found manager is also available in most of these new languages as can be seen on the image above. This makes the life of your employees in those countries easier. Talk of language barrier huh…iLost know nothing about that!

Help videos in Lost & Found manager

iLost’s sole aim is to offer a platform that has a broad bandwidth and people are not limited in any way. As a result, the iLost platform is now multilingual than ever before and to have the Lost & Found manager in various languages is proof of that fact. 

Moreover, in the iLost’s Lost & Found manager environment, iLost provides your employees with iLost for Business help videos in their preferred language as well as subtitles. This shows how dedicated iLost is, in the quest of making life easier for your employees and you as an organization. 

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